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WSLF Life Changing Cookbook

Whole Starch Low Fat is a healthy lifestyle foundation which can help you achieve your health goals while saving money, increasing your nutrient intake & avoiding the common pitfalls in the plant based community.

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You are NOT ALONE! We have an entire WSLF community! Since publication of this cookbook, the WSLF hashtag on Instagram has over 20,000 images to search through. Our dedicated health crusaders post daily sharing the change that helped them to inspire others.

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Live the proof, spread the truth! Mr & Mrs Vegan tackle all the hard hitting questions on veganism.



We have shopped the aisles extensively and picked out all the healthiest & tastiest vegan items & put them into nice shopping lists & meal plans for you to download!   We share these ebooks with you for free & welcome your feedback & social media shares in exchange for our hard work putting these together.  We hope you enjoy the simple ingredients and fantastic sauces and pairings Mrs Vegan has tirelessly tested & retested.  Our goal to make being healthy & vegan simple, normal, delicious & amazing!