WSLF Cookbook

WSLF Life Changing Cookbook & Guide



  • Lose weight without hunger, counting calories or portion control
  • Clear up acne prone skin with almost instant results
  • End food addictions by learning to eat less sugar and processed foods while maintaining enjoyment
  • Conquer health challenges with a sustainable dietary foundation
  • Feel better and have steady energy with fewer highs and lows
  • NEW 1 Week WSLF Meal Plan by a Registered Dietician
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  • Over 50+ recipes each with full color photos to guide your creations
  • Recipes cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dressings and desserts
  • Easy-to-find, inexpensive ingredients with options for everyone, from the college student to the experienced chef. 
  • Includes full meal plan and 30-Day Challenge starter calendar
  • Expansion recipe ideas literally cover MILLIONS of options

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