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our veggie tale...

Mr. & Mrs. Vegan didn’t happen overnight.  We have been an inseparable couple since 2003.  We registered MrMrsVegan.com for our wedding website and ran with it.  As vegan bloggers for many years, we have always been out of sync with the vegan community’s junk food obsession. It wasn’t until our YouTube debut that we connected with like-minded individuals across the world who truly embrace a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle doesn’t harm animals, humans or the environment. 

Mrs. Vegan’s real name is Kristin. Originally from St. Louis, Mo., she studied communications and plant-based nutrition in college, the perfect combo for spreading the good word about a healthy diet.  A total whiz in the kitchen, she can whip up anything you desire into a healthy, delicious snack. Usually it tastes better than the original craving! And if you’re gluten- and oil-free, that’s her specialty. Kristin has been preparing allergy-friendly meals for more than a decade.

Mr. Vegan, Alex/Lex, also from St. Louis, studied law, business, Chinese language and nutrition studies. Once overweight and lethargic, his newfound interest in healthy lifestyle transformed him into a super boss during the tech boom. His keen understanding of computer programming has helped him wrap his mind around the cellular mechanisms at play in the body. Since his transformation, he has dedicated his life to inspiring everyone he meets to go vegan.