Healthy Eating Guide

We moved to Los Angeles to escape a toxic food environment. When we got here, we were overwhelmed with the vegan options and began to put back on all the weight we worked so hard to lose. We work every day with restaurants to ensure there are healthy options in our community. This healthy eating guide represents nearly 15 years of experience dining out as a healthy vegan. Restaurants come and go; menus and ingredients change. So please let us know if an update is needed. We are happy to add new healthy spots or menu items. All the selections are vegan, no added oil and low fat. 

Dining out is an important part of life. In many European countries, it IS life. By mastering our healthy menu-hacking skills, you'll be able to communicate with chefs and restaurant workers to ensure your health and their restaurant goals are hand in hand. We encourage everyone to make healthy guides in your area to help others navigate the current toxic food environment!

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